Budget-Friendly Diaper Bags

Budget means inexpensive, but it doens’t have to mean low quality. I’ve gathered a few diaper bags here that are at the lower end of the price range, but that just might meet the needs of many of you looking for the right bag. Check them out below…

My first budget bag (in no particlar order) is the Best Diaper Bag by Brighter Elements. For the low price, you really get a lot with this bag. First of all, it might as well be included in the stylish category as well. That’s a good looking bag. Second, it’s got lots of space (which is a big plus in a budget bag) – two large main pockets, plus a number of other smaller pockets scattered throughout. It also comes with a baby bottle bag that helps to insulate baby’s bottle and a matching changing pad. This budget bag is really worth checking out!

Next, let’s look at the¬†Disney Minnie Mouse Chevron Print, Triple Pocket Diaper Bag Tote¬†coming to us from Disney. While big Disney fans might be partial to this one for obvious reasons, there’s more to it that just Minnie Mouse. As opposed to the Brighter Elements bag above, this one has more of an open concept with pockets and pouches that are not covered. This may allow for easier access to the contents of the pockets. It’s a durable bag that could fit well with a Disney theme.


For my last budget diaper bag, I’m actually going to suggest a particular brand instead of a single item. SoHo Designs offers a wide range of budget-friendly diaper bag options. Like in the image to the left, many of SoHo’s bags come in sets of multiple bags and accessories, while still coming in at under $30. For stylish bags, and so many useful pieces, SoHo is one of my top choices for budget diaper bags.


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