Baby Containment

Infants are so easy to keep up with. They’re so sweet and immobile. But as soon as that infant figures out that he or she can crawl, they pick up speed quickly. As anyone with a 10 month old knows, crawling is not as slow as some may think. Those little crawlers can get away from us in an instant.

So as parents, we want to make sure that they’re kept in a safe place, but also that the means of keeping them contained is safe in itself. We want to provide a nice place for them to move around and explore, knowing that they won’t be in any danger.

Below, I’ve listed several baby gates in various subcategories that meet these standards.

First, let’s look at what might be called a total containment system. This is the Regalo 192-Inch Super Wide Gate and Play Yard. It’s one of the most versitle and comprehensive containment systems I found.

The basic function of this item is to provide a boundary between two walls that will contain your baby and keep him or her safe. It can form a straight line barrier up to 192 inches. The eight panels may be removed and reattached to make the barrier longer or shorter.

In addition to the basic function, this item can also bend in multiple directions to create a unique barrier. It may be curved around corners or furninture to ensure the perfect safe play area for your little one. If there are no walls to attach to, and you want to create a smaller safe play area, this item can be formed and connected in a circle to provide a perfect space for your baby to thrive.

This product can be folded acordian style to fit into storage when not in use. The gate is easy to operate, even with one hand while holding a baby. All in all, this is one of the most useful containment products that I’ve found, and I would highly recommend it.

For a more elegant look, the Bronze Deluxe Décor Gate could be a perfect fit. It can provide a sophisticated barrier from 38.3 up to 72 inches in width. It’s 30 inch tall frame easily keep your baby safely contained in the proper areas of your home.

The gate section spans the middle of the barrier, and the gate swings in both directions for the ease of the adult operating it. The gate is 25.5 inches in width, giving you all the space you need, even if you’re carrying children and toys and anything else. It is equipped with a child-proof safety latch that will give you peace of mind you need while you take care of your responsibilites.

Again, this is one of the more elegant styles, and will complement any home decor. It’s wide enough to provide a barrier for most entryways in most homes, and it’s style cannot be beat. It does everything that it claims to do very well, and this item should suit many parents looking for a barrier system.


Finally, the Munchkin Easy-Close Metal Safety Gate is a perfect option for a lower priced, but still extremely functional and useful barrier system. If you do not need super wide barriers or certain style features, what you will find in the Munchkin may suit your needs perfectly.

This is a simple gate that still provides all the security you want for your little one. It’s width can range from 29.5 to 35 inches, and it stands at 29.5 inches tall. The child-proof saftely latch keeps those little exploring hands from accidentally opening the gate and exposing him or her to danger.

This product is best suited to single doorways and maybe some hallways. Munchkin is a brand that I trust and have used many times, and they have provided me with many useful products for my babies and children.


Any time you’re shopping for a baby/toddler barrier system, make sure you measure the area that the barrier will fit into. It’s much better to be exact than to have to guess at the width that you need to cover. And keep in mind how versitle you want you system to be. If it’s a single purpose purchase (such as, you want a barrier at the top of your stairs), then you can look for those with a small window of widths that will fit into that space, such as the Munchkin Easy-Close. If, however, you want great versatility, then you may want to go with something like the Regalo Super Wide.

Any of these three gates will provide you with an effective containment system for you baby. Make sure you use whatever item you decide on according to the instructions provided. And please make sure to click through to Amazon using the links I’ve provided (that’s what keeps me up and running, providing this information to you ;).


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